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101 Secrets for your 20’s

on April 26, 2015

Image by Moody Publishers 2013

Having just turned 21 last week (which still hasn’t hit realisation yet) 😉 decided to share the book that made my 1st year of my twenties awesome!

Paul Angone’s 101 Secrets for your 20’s. A little book of secrets that EVERY 20 something MUST HAVE 😉

Filled to the brim with 101 witty and comedian secrets, Paul shares how you’re not alone and that the everything figured out people are the minority (And I’m so thankful for that). This book is a page turner and has everything from careers to faith to relationships to even how to get along with your parents!

This book has personally made every transition I had in life since turning 20 last year and my personal favourites are…


Image by Paul Angone 2013


Image by Paul Angone 2013


Image by Paul Angone 2013


Image by Paul Angone 2013


Image by Paul Angone 2013


Curious to find out the other 96 secrets? Download a free ebook sample via iBooks or even better buy the book! 😉 ($10 Aus from memory).

Want more 20 something goodness? Head to Allgroanup (Paul’s blog) to join the 20 something community hub. And follow him @PaulAngone for inspiring uppage daily 😉 enjoy!


One response to “101 Secrets for your 20’s

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for writing this amazing review of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties. I’m honored! Hope to see you in the Signature Sauce course next time! =)


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