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Q & A with Danny Rubin

on April 24, 2015

Woohoo! 😉 after a few months of delay, the first career chat hub series has finally begun!)

Meet Danny Rubin, VP (Vice-President) of a PR company. And the creator & writer of News To Live By (career advice website for Gen Y!)


Image by Danny Rubin 2015

His epic blog is like a GPS when we are totally lost in the woods of job hunting. Danny has helped me countless of times from general career advice to nailing the perfect job application to even sharpening my own writing skills. His mantra is less words you write, the more sharper and powerful the message comes across 😉

So if you’re thinking of kick-starting a career in PR/Comms or just want to refine your job hunting skills, read on for Danny’s insiders guide!

 1. What did you study when you were at uni? (Both undergraduate & postgraduate)? And out of all of them, which one helped you discover your passion and career aspirations?

I studied history at the University of Virginia for my undergrad. That’s when I learned the importance of thorough research and how to craft an argument.


Image by University of Virginia 2015

For my postgrad, I did a Master of Journalism from the University of Maryland-College Park. At graduate school, I gained hands-on skills like how to speak on camera, conduct interviews, capture video and edit news stories.

The masters degree allowed me to land a job in journalism, but my undergraduate degree remains an essential part of my maturation into a young adult and young professional. I needed them both and still do.

2. How well did your tertiary studies equip you with the skills and knowledge to step in to your current industry? I.e what did you valuable skills/knowledge did you gain that you wouldn’t have got if you didn’t go to uni?

My graduate program did an excellent job to prepare me for life as a television journalist. The school has an on-campus TV station where we produced our own daily news show. Nothing matches the real world, but University of Maryland got us pretty close.

Most importantly, the school enabled me to create a “demo” of my news stories and on camera ability. To land my first job, the news director asked to see my “demo” right away. Without one, I doubt he would have hired me.

3. The top question on every student minds is… how easy or challenging was it for you to step into the industry you’re in after graduating? And what steps did you take to get to where you are today? (i.e volunteering, internships, study abroad, placements etc)

At UVa, I did everything I could to gain journalism skills even if the college didn’t offer them. I worked as a DJ at a jazz radio station and producer at a sports radio station, wrote one summer for the college newspaper and also interned at the local TV station. I also had two TV news internships in graduate school.

I never waited for someone to hand me an opportunity. I sought out these experiences and made it happen for myself.

4. At the moment you’re a communications professional, where would you be when you’re not working? ( Could be hobbies, extra jobs etc)

In my spare time, I play basketball, tennis, go to happy hours and hang out at home with my wife.

5. What are some perks and challenges working in your current industry & role? And what do you enjoy most about your role?

My full-time job is vice president of a public relations firm. I enjoy the chance to work with a variety of clients and learn about their particular fields. It can sometimes be a challenge to deal with different personalities (the good and the bad). But that’s the same at any job.

6. Describe a typical day in your job

I work as vice president of Rubin Communications Group (public relations agency) — News To Live By is a side project. All day I work with a variety of clients to help promote their message, product, service or brand. That means I assist with social media, website content, marketing strategies and even media relations.

For instance back in late February, I made the local news aware of my client, who is an expert on public safety and security. That’s because I expected the media to cover the story about how terrorists threatened to attack “Western malls.” Sure enough, the reporter called me, asked to use my client in the story and then featured him in the 11 pm news. Here’s the clip from the news.

My job is to generate buzz and momentum for my clients. The security story is a great example. There’s never a dull moment!

7. What are some of your top career and university highlights?

Top career highlight so far is when I lead a writing workshop for the corporate communications team at Southwest Airlines, a major US airliner.

8. If you could share your top tips and advice for students wanting to pursue a career in your industry, what would they be?

When you apply for a job in marketing and PR, don’t tell employers you’re a “hard worker” who will be “successful” for them. Everyone says that, and it’s boring…

The secret

Image by Apple Notes 2015

Thanks Danny!

Want to find out more about Danny?

Follow Danny @NewsToLiveBy and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Image by News To Live By 2015


One response to “Q & A with Danny Rubin

  1. Taylor says:

    I have 3 words to say. This. Is. Awesome!!!! I’m in my final year of PR/Marketing at uni and always wanted to get an insiders guide to the field. Thank you so much!! Definitely will check out the NTLB website =)


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