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MMM102 Global Mindset

on April 10, 2015

Quick stats

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Unit overview of lectures and tutes

MMM102 was without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite subjects and highlights of 2nd year uni 😉 Alfred the lecturer/unit chair was very engaging and continually challenged us to think outside the box of global mindset theory. In every lecture, he shared his valuable knowledge and experiences when he worked overseas. In other words, there was always bringing the theory back into the real life context. No falling asleep in this lecture here! 😉

It was awesome that tutes ran every 2nd week (I personally find that units that do that have more worthwhile tutes) and was centred on the group assignments and exam prep. And the best thing was that questions were encouraged both in class and in the cloud and were always answered with support and guidance in a quick turn around time! 😉

Assignment tips

The assignments were really interesting and reflected the real workforce from working with an unknown group of people you’ve never met to compiling a business proposal in terms of the global mindset! Kudos to being able to pick your own group (I actually met my uni best friend from this unit! 😉

Assignment 1 was the probably the most interesting and unique task I ever had to do. Interviewing 5 people about the number countries they visited and favourite food? Taking selfies with them? Such a 21st century assignment that was easy to do in a group! (* You can tell I’m not a fan of essays hehe).

The business one for BlueRooster was equally fun to do as well! I honestly felt like it was a culture course where we explored the food, culture and customs of our chosen country. We chose the Netherlands (simply because I liked how it sounds like Neverland from Peter Pan 😉 Who knew the Netherlands have an awesome hot food vending machine called FEBO full of hamburgers, French fries and the works?! (Wikipedia 2015) (ha, it’s my blog so I can use Wikipedia 😉

Only tip would be for both assignments is to continually refer to lecture 1/2 notes about the components of global mindset to make sure you’ve covered them all! Oh and choose a country you don’t know much about as it’s much more fun learning new stuff =)

Exam tips

Exam wise from memory it was a combination of multiple choice and short answer. For multiple choice prep, head straight for the practice class MC quiz that you would have done in the tutes. As for short answer, definitely revise up on what global mindset it and its components. You’ll be getting a case study like the BlueRooster (Assignment 2) where you’ll have to discuss how global mindset will interweave with your business plan/solution.

As usual time is the enemy so usually my strategy is to do the long part of the exam first and then the multiple choice. But in the case of global mindset, the MC’s are super easy so it’s best to ge them out of the way first and then spend the rest of your time composing your extended responses. 😉

Good luck!

😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 5 smiley faces out of 5
Overall this was an awesome unit & inspired me to work for projects abroad one day =)

P.S And cause it’s Easter break and I’m feeling extra generous, here’s the Hofestedes cultural comparison link to compare your country for assignment 2 and Australia. This will boost your marks for A2! Trust me, my team got full marks for this! 😉


Wikipedia 2015, FEBO, Wikipedia Org, retrieved 10 April 2015, http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FEBO


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