University Survival Kit =)


Backpack image by Ring and Things 2015 & image designed by unibookworm using PicCollage 2015


With O’week over and T1 week 1 kicking off today- thought I’ll give my belated O’week pressie to new students!

Something to make the first weeks of uni less daunting. Something that will make your intro to uni life a breeze, instead of getting overloaded by TMI ( too much information), So from me to you… Here’s unibookworm’s uni survival kit! Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

Inside your virtual survival backpack are the top links you’ll need access to for the first few weeks of uni. (…Well actually pretty much the rest of uni!)

Keep calm

Image by Keep Calm Network 2015

Top Tips to getting started @ uni!
Common FAQ’s
The Deakin web
Deakin Phone Directory
Library & Printing
Student IDs
Deakin IT Headquarters
Essential uni apps

Oh and news flash for continuing students- Deakin IT decided to reformat the entire website interface ;$ Figures. Just when we got used to the old interface which was so much more user friendly with better colour schemes, they decide to change it. So not agreeing with the new colour schemes and the user-friendliness.

Current students

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

Currents Students

Image by Deakin Uni 2015 NEW INTERFACE DESIGN









For new students, you’ll have no idea what I’m rambling about. But long story short, they’re simply trying to move everyone to use DeakinSync. Which I personally think is now harder to navigate- it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack (sorry for the pun!). So my top tip for students (both new and old!) is to add the The Deakin web links to your favourites!

Trust me, it’ll save you the hassle for fishing thru DeakinSync and watching so many windows open awkwardly and then clicking it again to open a new tab! ><” For direct and instant landing, go for gold at The Deakin web πŸ˜‰

Have an awesome first week guys! πŸ™‚


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