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Referencing 101

on February 7, 2015


Ref 101

Image by Team 53 Paper and PicCollage 2015

Ah referencing. The major drag of doing assignments. You sometimes wonder why can’t the standard high school URL be accepted at uni. But that’s the life of academia at uni!

Referencing is usually worth 3-10 marks of assignments, and when you think about it, they’re really are simple marks up for grabs. Though somewhat time consuming. Especially when you used 30 odd references from images to journal articles to websites, it’s enough to do your head in! But here’s the secret to make referencingΒ as painless as possible…

Reference along the way after you used a reference citation. Sounds crazy but trust me. It will make your life a whole lot easier especially when you’re pulling together a 5000 word group assignment (like I am right now). And if you really think about it, by referencing along the way you’ve pretty much finished half of the assignment already

There’s 2 options to reference:

1. Copy and paste the citation from Google Scholar into an Excel spreadsheet


2. Endnote- a referencing software guru.

But since I didn’t discover the joys of Endnote in my 1st year of uni, I’ve adapted the Excel method. And the sort the A-Z button is pretty nifty for sorting your reference list! (if only I discovered this sooner, for my first assignment I did all my referencing manually and it TOOK FOREVER!)

So to avoid doing referencing the hard way, read on πŸ˜‰

So back to Google scholar…

Let’s say I ended up using the first article (Things to come in 2015) as a reference for my food science assignment.

Google Scholar

Image by Google Scholar 2015


1. Select cite and you’ll have this pop page.
And here’s the goodness of Google scholar. The reference is already perfectly done for APA which thankfully is super close to the Harvard referencing. (Just needs a tad little tweaking πŸ˜‰

Google Scholar

Image by Google Scholar 2015


2. Copy and paste the APA citation into an Excel spreadsheet with the following journal article format list in the top row.
(If you’ll like to receive templates already made, email me at unibookworm@gmail.com!)

Tweak the citation to match the Harvard journal article format I.e the headings format.

And voila citation done! =)

Once you’ve done all the referencing you need, hit the A-Z button to sort all your sources alphabetically for the reference list. Easy =)!


Journal article excel template

Image by Microsoft Excel 2013


You can use the same approach for all your other references by creating templates for websites, images and pretty much anything else that you need to cite for references!

The mystery of referencing solved πŸ˜‰

* Head to Deakin’s referencing website to grab your referencing guide PDF. It makes your life a whole lot easier when you’re referencing!


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