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Booking group study rooms 101

on December 17, 2014
Group study rooms

Image by PicCollage 2014

Situation. You have a group assignment and need a quiet space to work. But you have no idea where. Welcome to booking group study rooms 101! Study rooms are well equipped with air con, power sockets, a computer TV and dare I say it- maybe a bit too super warm heaters 😉 Read on for my easy step by step guide to book a study room at the library!

1. Go to the Deakin current student page & click on Library on the right hand side under email.

Deakin Library

Image by Deakin Uni 2014


2. You’re now at the Deakin library page 😉 where you can use it to look up books in the catalogue & look for journal articles. But we’re here to book a group study room, so click on Book a room.

Deakin Lib

Image by Deakin Uni 2014


3. Select which campus you’re at (Melbourne Burwood campus for me!) How cool is the book staircase wall though at Geelong Waurn Ponds?!

Deakin Lib

Image by Deakin Uni 2014


4. You’ll now arrived at the group booking page.
On the right hand side calendar select the date you want the room for. (*Note- bookings can only be made a week in advance. So if I wanted to make a booking for next Thursday, I’ll have to wait till tomorrow Thursday morning to book it)

Deakin Lib

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

You can also book the room you want on the day just like my e.g. Let’s say I want a room for an hour today for 6 people.


5. To check out how many chairs the room has, click on the i symbol next to the room.
Yay, we’re in luck V3.84 is free at 7-8pm and fits 6 people! Let’s book it!

Deakin Lib

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

6. To book click on the green spaces of the room you want ( in this case V3.84). Check that details below are right and fill in your name & deakin email.

Deakin Lib

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

7. And voila! Booking success =)(*Check your deakin email for confirmation)

Confirmation booking

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

Some helpful reminders
1. Make sure when you’re clicking the time slots that you want are in correct AM OR PM time you want. Otherwise you’ll end up booking 1am when you wanted the room for 1pm! Always check this to avoid a booking clash with another group. 😉

2. Only a maximum of 2 hrs a day under your name can be booked. But a helpful trick here is to get all your team members to book their 2 hrs so you can hog the room all day 😉 when needed!

3. Download the lost on campus app or find a Student Rover to help you find your group study room. It’s quite a maze finding them!

4. If all rooms are gone and you desperately need a study room, swing by Building H learning space. They have 4 rooms there that can be booked in person only/ over the phone @ reception 😉

Hope these tips/guide was helpful and will hopefully make your group study experience a breezy one! Oh and good luck on that group assignment!


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