Topnotch uppage corner =)

Welcome to uppage corner!

on December 10, 2014


There’s so many times when we feel like we need some uppage. You know some encouragement that we’re good enough despite what the naysayers say (being knocked back from many job offers brings you down just a tad bit) or just motivation to keep going. That’s why I’ve decided to include a new addition to the Unibookworm blog! 😉 Uppage corner is a place where I’ll be sharing inspiring quotes, songs & thoughts to keep us all going when life doesn’t turn out the way we want to.

First up on Uppage Corner, is Natalie Bedingfield Unwritten song =) This song actually inspired this part of the blog. Because so much of our lives is unwritten and we’re at the stage now where we’re standing in front with a blank page with a pen in our hand writing our uni journeys. And this song definitely inspires and makes you motivated/good about yourself =)

Enjoy the video!


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