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HBS110 Health Behaviour

on November 13, 2014


So now that you’ve watched the aui60s trailer, are you curious to find out more?

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

Unit overview of lectures and tutes
First off, I’ve gotta say that Jacqueline is the most enthusiastic and passionate lecturer that I have ever met! Her passion for health is practically breathed into her cloud deakin posts. Not to mention she’s super tech savvy. Last year when the assignment Dropbox went loco, she posted on Twitter that the assignment due date was extended =) And no other lecturer I’ve had does that!

But imagine if they all did! It would make our lives so much easier ;). The unit is pretty social media savvy as there’s Β TwitterΒ & Facebook group to follow to always be in the loop.

HBS110 Twitter

Image by Twitter 2014

Tutes were definitely a must attend- simply because they focused primarily on the assignment behaviour journals. I found that helpful as it kept me on the right track so I wouldn’t go away and so something completely unrelated.

Assignment tips
I definitely strongly recommend that you choose a health behaviour that you are:
a) actually passionate about changing
b) driven to make a change
c) and won’t get bored writing about it 6 times (from memory)

Initially I was a bit skeptical of this health behaviour journal business. But after I actually chose a behaviour that meant something to me- reducing stress through incidental exercise- it actually changed my mind. I know it sound silly or common sense but seriously. By actually making the effort to follow my SMART goals, I found that I was lesser stressed, healthier and more energetic by exercising incidentally.

Now onto adding your journal to the portfolio tips
1. Type everything into one word doc and then copy and paste it into the portfolio.

It definitely makes your lives easier than typing directly into the portfolio space, as it periodically times out and doesn’t always save automatically.

2. Play around with the font sizes so it’s consistent
Sometimes when you copy & paste from word docs to the portfolio, the font and size doesn’t always crossover as the same.

3. Before submitting Preview your portfolio post
And a rule of thumb is to always check your final portfolio post in the website after editing. This will flag any weird or strange formats or abnormal spacing so you can fix it on the spot.

And last but not least.,, BE CREATIVE!!
Make the portfolio website reflect your personality with customised headers, unique pictures and what not. It will make your tutors smile πŸ˜‰ and enjoy reading your work!

Exam tips
One of my most fave things about this unit was that the weekly quiz were open book! πŸ˜‰ yay. They were definitely the best preparation and a great starting point for the exam. As it flagged to you what concepts to further study with an explanation of the right answers for the ones you got wrong. And the best bit was that the quizzes were open for a week and your could do it whenever and wherever with ample time on the clock ;).

=) =) =) = 3.5 smiley faces out of 5
Overall it was a pretty interesting unit that taught me some new stuff that I didn’t know about certain health topics. But because I have a background in health from doing it in VCE, most of it was repetitive to me. In saying that though, it’s a great foundation unit for people in health and was one of the most organised units I’ve taken. The teaching team definitely prepared us well for the assignment and the exam.

P.S The study guide is the golden guide to doing well in this unit! Great summary of weekly topics and super helpful for the tests and the exam. In other words, if you know everything in the study guide- you’ll ace this!


2 responses to “HBS110 Health Behaviour

  1. Harri says:

    I absolutely love the start of your Aui60s series! =) Was just wishing the other day that there was something like this- a place where units are reviewed from a student perspective. And voila! I stumbled across your blog. So excited! Will definitely keep coming back to visit. I have a favour to ask actually- I’m torn between choosing between HSN103 Food enviro & consumers and MMK101 Marketing as a elective…do you happen to have done those units? Thanks in advance!


    • unibookworm says:

      Aw thanks Harri, that’s really sweet of you to say =) so happy that you loved it! Thanks for checking it out too! And it just so happens that I did do those two units πŸ˜‰ what a coincidence! Will definitely be writing up those posts soon and will keep you posted when it’s up. In the mean time feel free to browse around the blog for other helpful posts and sign up to follow the blog to keep in the loop. =) P.S both units were amazing so couldn’t choose between the 2, so if you can definitely do both!


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