What electives should I pick?

When your picking your electives, there are 3 trains of thought which I think is best illustrated in the drawing below!


Elective pathway

Image by PicCollage & ChalkDraw 2014


1. Major option- The career opening door one!
If you’ve got 6-8 electives, great news! You can fit in another major to complement your current degree! =) Either from your current faculty or a different one, which ever option you choose- you’ve just opened up more doorways to your future career. And just to make things easier, I’ve included all the links for different faculty majors.

2. Interest option- The fun one!
This is best suited if you’re like me and only have 4 electives =(. But because we don’t have room for another major, there’s a plus side! We can pick whatever units that we have an interest or hobby in πŸ˜‰ Which is definitely a nice break from core units we may not like. So that photography unit looks pretty good to me…

(*Note this option requires heavy use of the unit search to cross check that you met the prerequisites to enrol. Some units of interest require other units to be done before enrolling others don’t)

3. Extras option- The knowledgeable one!
Or another option when you have few electives to is take extra units to complement majors or core units! Like if you absolutely loved marketing, why not take some extra units to expand your knowledge? (*This option like above requires heavy use of the unit search).

But if you’re still stuck, swing by the aui60s page to check out the electives/units I’ve taken and a sneak peak of what it’s like. Or schedule an appointment with your course advisor to talk through your future career ambitions and relevant units!

And most of all don’t feel hung up or stressed if you can’t decide what unit to take. After all, how are you supposed to know what you do or don’t like without trying it out? So take the leap and risk to enrol but if it’s not what you expected- just withdraw before the census date! (*Withdrawal before census date means you don’t have to pay for a unit you didn’t finish!)

It’s your course, your career path, your future career- take chances and you’ll be surprised where you end up! πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “What electives should I pick?

  1. Bea says:

    I never thought of choosing my uni electives came along with so many options until I read this! =) Thanks for taking the time to write up such a great one stop shop blog for us all! The next time you come into my bookshop, books and hot chocolate are on me.


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