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Exciting Unibookworm news! =)

on October 25, 2014

Hey unibookworm readers!

Hope your long 5 month spring/summer break is going well especially since exams are finally over. Woo!

Anyway, I thought it was about time that I started something new on the unibookworm blog. Something that I’ve never ever done before… There I was thinking about how there wouldn’t be much use for the Unibookworm channel now that economics was over. (After all the whole reason for the channel was for that class). But then I started thinking about the unit reviews posts (that I haven’t written yet) and how to make it more interactive.

Cue epiphany moment… Aha I should make A unit in 60 seconds (aui60s) trailer series! So there it is. I’m making trailers to go on YouTube for the first time ever. The idea was inspired about the fact how it’s all so confusing in picking units. After all sometimes the unit guide description doesn’t really give much insight what the subject is really like. From a student perspective that is.

Starting uni and picking your electives can be a little daunting. After all how are you supposed to know what you like and what you don’t without trying the subject first. And that’s where aui60s trailer series comes in.

Accompanied with every aui60s video, there’ll be an insiders guide post that:
•describes my experiences with the unit
• talks about the perks and downsides
• specific study tips to ace the subject!
• and an overall review of the subject.

And just to give you a peek of what’s to come, I’ve uploaded the the first ever aui60s video above =)! I would love to hear your comments and suggestions or thoughts. After all this project is for students inspired by students!

So watch this space for more upcoming aui60s videos!

(*Doing this gave me a whole new level of respect for animators at Pixar & Dreamworks. Just story boarding, editing and shooting the 60 second video took me 2 days!! But it was really fun and it was definitely worth it!)


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