Finding your motivation again…



Image by Paul Angone/ Allgroanup 2014

Being a uni student, it seems that we continually trudge through our 30th essay assignment/100th exam cramming/ snore worthy lecture. And we begin to wonder what brought us to uni in the first place. So how do we get our motivation back when it feels like we’re not sure where we’re going in life after uni??

Enter in Paul Angone’s Allgroanup website ( yep, the groan is spelt wrong on purpose!) it’s the golden grail for your 20’s! Check out the hilarious but totally relatable welcome Vlog if you don’t believe me πŸ˜‰

Filled to the brim with witty and comedian secrets, Paul shares how we’re not alone feeling lost and unmotivated. This blog is the most amazing 20 something support network community that you’ll ever come across and will bring back your passions and drive for what brought you to uni in the first place. Let’s face it this is the MUST VISIT site for every 20something!

So if you’re tired of feeling alone in your struggles, grab a cup of coffee ( or whatever your favourite drink is) and sit back and relish in golden advice…

P.S The top posts for getting your inspiration back are

When You Lose Inspiration

Losing Your Why Can Hurt You

5 real real truths that nobody will ever tell you about following your dreams

Happy readings! =)


Image by James Daly 2014


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