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The essential uni apps

on August 16, 2014
Uni apps

Image by creators of apps 2014


You went to O week , had an absolute blast with hanging out with your new friends, subjects are all set and Student Is all good to go, so what’s missing? The essential uni apps of course! Now I’m kind of an Apple bias user ( sorry android users) but I’m sure the google play store has some/similar apps! So are you ready?(* Naturally these are all free =)

1. Lost on campus

Lost on Campus

Student Services Australia 2014

A cute panda waving a map in an orange app icon is simply adorable. But don’t the cuteness fool you about it’s must have status! This app is your golden guide on how to get to every single one of your lecture and tute rooms. So explore the wilderness of your campus (*cough*) without the fear of getting lost!!

The app isn’t just a GPS, it has links to textbook exchange ( the 2nd handbook marketplace- never buy full price ones again 😉 ) & internships. Sign up for a free account at StudentVip via the app/ website and you’re good to go!

2. Deakin mobile

Deakin Mobile

Desire2 Learn Incorporation 2014

All the essential Deakin’s websites all rolled into one. Access your STAR timetable class news to finding a computer. Subscribe to news feeds and check out the A-Z guide @ Deakin and you’ll always be in the loop!




3. iStudiez Pro/Lite

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Team 2014

The must have app planner to keep super organised for uni! Colour code your uni timetable and your other commitments for easy glances for the week. Add reminders and uni contacts and you’re all set! Forgotten assignments/ classes? No longer a problem with those bell reminders!





4.Calendars 5

Calendar 5

Readdle 2014

I love the new iOS7 reminder app that allows you to colour code your lists. Only problem is you can’t see them all at glance… Enter Calendars 5 to the rescue which does that! With an inbuilt calendar app, you no longer have to cross between your reminders and calendar apps! Appy days =)




Docs 5

Readdle 2014


5. Documents 5
Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous lag of the iWork apps with the new iOS? When I want to open an attachment I have to wait 5 minutes for it to ‘import’?! Thank goodness for Readdle’s Documents 5. It’s the fastest downloading app for files including PDFs, media files, books EVER. And you can highlight the files any way you want. AMAZING.

But wait there’s more. There’s an in-built BROWSER. Oh. My. Gosh.

Why hasn’t anyone thought about that before? Now I never have to leave my docs/ files when browsing the web. Swiping across days? Over.


Foxit reader

Foxit Corporation 2014

5. Foxit Mobile PDF
The only downside to Docs 5 is that to annotate the files, you need to upgrade. But thanks to Foxit, this ain’t any issue no more! Edit and highlight your pdf any way you please. Printing journal article days are long gone. Plus you’re saving the environment and $$!



BlueFire Productions 2014

6. BlueFire Reader
Ever wanted to save an online ebook from the Deakin library but hate reading off computer screens? Thanks to BlueFire Reader, you can save your downloaded ebooks to be stored offline for 14 days. Easy as eggs.





Dropbox Inc 2014

7. Dropbox
Worked super hard on an assignment and saved it to a USB but the next day the file is corrupted? Or worse GONE? Yep, I’ve been there with floppy disks and USB’s. Say goodbye to lost files by backing up all your files, photos and videos with Dropbox! With a free 2GB storage that is upgradable by simply referring the app or installing it, it’s all good.

Best of all it’s iOS & Android & computer accessible so even if something goes wrong with one, rest assured that Dropbox has you covered! It’s safe and secure with encryption & a 2 step verification code too! And this is the best app to share group assignment stuff with a sharing folder. No more emailing back and forth!

Cubetto Mindmap

Sempture GmbH 2014

8. Cubetto mindmap
Are you a visual learner who loves mindmaps? Then this app is for you! Copying and pasting content from your study guides is a cinch with Cubetto. Customise your mindmap the way you want it and studying just became a whole lot more fun. =)




iTunes U

Apple 2014

9. iTunes U
Ever wanted to study aboard but unsure which one to go to? Thanks to iTunes U, you can access subject material from universities all around the world. Including lecture notes, videos and podcasts! All for FREE. So whether you’re looking to study overseas or simply just want to expand your knowledge, this app is a MUST! Plus education should be accessible and free to all right?

Google Chrome

Google Inc 2014

10. Google Chrome
Most days Safari & CloudDeakin are on good terms. In fact, I’ve never had a problem until the upgrade of the cloud. So what do we do when the cloud keeps exiting Safari? Good thing Chrome is downloadable and is more compatible!



Twitter Inc 2014

11. Twitter                                                                                                                              

If free pizza & Deakin hoodies & quick Q& A’s sound right up your alley, Twitter is where it’s all at. Deakin tweets constantly about everything, so to stay in the loop of freebies sign up for a free account today! 😉

And that’s a wrap! So what app will you be downloading?


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