The 1st step in landing your dream job…


Image by NTLB 2014

Sick and tired of banging your head against the wall after what seems to be your 50th rejection email?

We’ve all seen them. You know the usual, thank you for your recent application blah blah and on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. What?! I’m a HD/D student with honours!! Why on earth does no one want to hire me?!! is what we’re all thinking.

Ah, but there it is right there! We’ve become so accustomed in writing for our academic accolades to the point where long as essays can be written in heartbeat. But when it comes to promoting ourselves on paper, we’re clueless. Sadly uni doesn’t teach us how to become our own PR ( and yet we pay thousands each year!) to get a job.

And that’s where the unibookworm jobs & careers posts come in! Through my posts, I’ll be sharing all the hints and tips I’ve picked up along the way for job hunting. From writing a stand out job app to interviews to how to get your foot in the door, it’s all here!

Posts are still in the writing process but meanwhile, I highly recommend you all check out Danny Rubin’s career blog News to Live By. A former TV reporter, Danny points out the career advice inside current events and how we can all be stronger young professionals. Check out his *redesigned* website and follow him on Twitter at @NewsToLiveBy!


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