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The Deakin web

on July 10, 2014
Deakin Web

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

Navigating the deakin web sometimes feels like being a wilderness explorer expert to find exactly what you want. With foreign words like CloudDeakin, Student Connect, STAR & Deakin sync, you’re probably wondering whether that’s actually English! But no need to fret, it’s all covered here in simple terms! πŸ˜‰


Deakin University 2014

This is your virtual classroom for all your unit/subject materials. From lecture notes to assignment guides to your discussion boards to submitting your assignment!. Post up any questions you have about the unit content or any technical issues with the downloading lectures.

It’s preferred that you put all your questions at the discussion board rather than emailing your lecturer/ unit chair so everyone can see them Q & A.
BUT if it’s a personal issue like requesting extensions, feel free to email them!


Deakin University 2014

If CloudDeakin is your virtual classroom, StudentConnect is your virtual enrolment centre!


Enrolling and withdrawing units is all done here but doing it the first is bound to be confusing. So call up Deakin Central for step by step help over the phone! Everything about you is stored here including emergency contacts, unit results & invoices, and your Victorian public transport concession card. =)

STAR ( Student Timetable Allocation & Registration)
So now you’ve acquainted yourself with your virtual classroom and enrolment centre, it’s time to set your timetable! Check out the STAR’s important dates and the STAR post.


Deakin University 2014

Once upon a time, there was no linkage between the Deakin web all in one page. But now there’s DeakinSync! Where everything, I mean everything from Deakin emails to STAR Β to CloudDeakin to topping up your ID card up your ID card is ALL on one website πŸ˜‰ Uni life has just become more simpler with everything at glance!

Getting the hang of the Deakin web? No longer a problem!


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