Deakin Phone Directory



Image by Deakin Uni 2015 & Apple 2015

Ever wanted a list where all the phone numbers are listed from Deakin Central to course advisors in one single place? Presenting the the Deakin Phone Directory where it’s all here! Click on who you’re after and you’ll be directed to their contact number, location & opening hours πŸ˜‰

Course advisors
The who to contact for scheduling course advisor appointments & all those boggling questions about your course/units!

Don’t forget to use your deakin email and include your student ID number when emailing πŸ™‚

If you’re doing a variety of majors in the Health faculty it’s probably best to give the Health – Student and Academic Services (HSAS)Β a call. And they’ll direct you to the right place!

Deakin Central
The golden grail place that provides one on one help in person, email or over the phone! From enrolments to Student ID cards to parking permits to even financial help, staff are always happy to help.

Deakin Student Life
Got a question about everything and anything about being a Deakin student but not to sure where the support services are? Enter Deakin Student Life to the rescue! From accommodation help to academics to recreation, it’s all covered here.

International Student Support (ISS)
English not your first language and you’re struggling to communicate your problem/question to your tutor/ staff member? Call upon the ISS for people who speak your language to help you out! πŸ˜‰

IT Service desk/eSolutions
The top number to call when you need one on one help over the phone to do the technical stuff. Like linking your laptop to your student homedrive. Or installing Java for eLives. But check out the super search button for answers before bugging them.

Ever went to the library, saved all your work on a USB and headed home without a second thought? You boot up your PC and get ready to put your USB in and… It’s not there. And it’s the weekend. Argh! ( This happened to me last year…)

No need to fret though! Thank goodness the Deakin library opens on weekend! Just give them a call and describe where you left it and they’ll rummage through lost property or find it for you πŸ˜‰ And that’s what the handy library phone contact it for ( in the end, they found my USB =D,

Midnight finish to a group assignment, but that walk to your car/tram alone into the dark and howling wind not looking so good? Have no fear! Deakin security’s escorts is here 24/7! Crisis averted.


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