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Deakin Library

Image by Deakin Library 2014

Chances are you’ll be visiting the library at least one or a 100 times @ uni! So here are the top questions all answered to make navigation a breeze πŸ˜‰

1. How do I borrow items and is it free?
Your Student ID card is your passport to borrow, photocopy, print and scan items @ the library, so it’s essential you have it! To borrow items, you can either line up at the service desk or use the self checkouts ( Level 1 & 2 entrance). Getting the swing of the self checkouts takes practice. But it’s so worth it! Self checking out your books means you can pack them straight into your bag without carrying them up to service desk πŸ˜‰

When scanning your items, put the book’s barcode under the scanner and push it back towards you ( you’ll hear a click- which means the item is borrowed properly!) And yes it’s all FREE! (*as long you return/renew your books on time πŸ˜‰

2. How long can I borrow books for?
BONUS + are books that can be requested from other non Deakin libraries
*All books can be RENEWED if NO-ONE ELSE RESERVES THEM after you!

Number of items borrowed

Deakin University Library 2014

3. How do I look up items and reserve them?
Go to Deakin Library home page & enter your item name.
Once you find the item, click the Request it (right hand side of the item)
This will prompt you to login. After that enter the fields for the details of your collection of reservation. Easy as!

4. How do I check the status of my reserves & due dates of my items?
On the Deakin Library homepage, underneath the SEARCH button, click on MY CHECKOUTS & HOLDS.
This will then prompt you to login which will then lead to your library profile!

5. I only want hard copy books, how do I restrict the search to that?
Once you’ve entered in your search, on the left hand side column of Refine by, there’s FORMAT. Click on the format you want to restrict it to. Ta da!

6. I haven’t booked a group study room at the library but it’s empty, can I use it?
Sometimes people book rooms and end up finishing earlier or cancelling it. So yes, if the room is empty please feel free to use it! But remember…

β€’When the next person/ group arrives who has booked the room, you HAVE to give the room to them.

β€’ Group use of the room is a priority over individual use ( So if there’s a group wanting to use the same room as you, unfortunately you have to give them priority)

But in saying all that, if you really want use a group study room for yourself, book ahead at the library group study room! =) Pure bliss.

7. How does printing work @ Deakin?
The new Print @ Deakin system makes printing a breeze. Once you press confirm print at your computer, your print job is automatically linked to ANY Printer @ Deakin! This means you can confirm your print jobs on level 2 and go downstairs level 1 to print it πŸ˜‰

To print you can either scan your ID card to display your print jobs or login with your Deakin login details. Happy printing!

If you have anymore questions please leave your comments below! And don’t forget that there are always Student Rovers ( in red shirts roaming around) & IT Service desk on standby to help!


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