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Student IDs

on July 5, 2014
Deakin Card

Image by Deakin Uni 2014

Working as a Student Rover at the Deakin Library, I get asked about student IDs a lot. Like where do I get one? How do I top up the card when I only have coins? And what happens if I lose it? So welcome to the FAQ’s for student ids with all your questions answered! 😉

1. Where do I get my Student ID?
Head to Deakin Central (Building HE Level 2 @ Burwood) and get a ticket for student ids. Best time to do this is on enrolment day as the queues are super short! Don’t forget to bring along your enrolment confirmation email that details your student ID number and SMILE! =)

2. How do I top it up?
You can top up $ right after your card is issued on the spot at the Deakin Central counter. And you’ll be on your way! Once your balance runs out though here are 3 ways to top up:

• Deakin Card machines @ Library entrance, Building B level 2 & outside Deakin Central.
This machine ONLY ACCEPTS NOTES. So if you only have coins or card, it’s a no go with this option. =(

But there’s
• Deakin Central: if you only have coins or card to top up. There’s no minimum top up amount either 😉 Awesome!

• Deakin card online: now if you prefer online transfers rather than physically topping it up, this option is easy as!

3. Where can I get a replacement if I lose my ID?
Getting your first ID card is issued to you free of charge =) but if you end up losing it, head back to Deakin Central for a replacement. Unfortunately there’s a $20 cost to replace it =(. So don’t lose it!

4. What can I use my ID card for?
Besides printing, photocopying and scanning ( you need at least 6c to use that), there’s heaps more! You could use it to buy food on campus, books, and borrow library books =)

Are there any more questions I haven’t covered?


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