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Image by Student VIP 2014

Yep, uni textbooks are super expensive ranging from $100 as the average starting price. Eek! So how do you get the book without breaking the piggy bank?

Well, firstly check whether you actually essentially need the book! Check on DUSA bookshop and enter your unit code to see the materials needed. If the book listed is PRESCRIBED, then yes you NEED TO BUY THE BOOK. But if it’s RECOMMENDED, then you can get away for not buying it. Chances are for recommended books you don’t really use them and if you do, there’s always the library option!

Now for the PRESCRIBED book people, there’s Student VIP’s Textbook exchange to the rescue! πŸ˜‰ This is the golden marketplace for buying 2nd hand books. Not only that, you can sell your books here too and gain 100% profits. All it takes is a FREE Student VIP account!

To search for books with ease, you can refine the books search to only Melbourne or Deakin students. Buying books can be done 2 ways, either meeting up in person at your uni campus or Melbourne CBD or via post. Best of all, these details are all shown when you click on the buyer’s profile. Easy as!

Top tips for buying books
β€’ Meet up in public places

β€’ Ask for photos of the book cover.Β 

Sometimes not so perfect books have high prices ><“, so it’s better to know you’re getting the price that matches the quality. This saves you time meeting up for no reason if you’re not happy with the quality of the book.

β€’ Be prepared to NEGOTIATE.

Majority of the times when I brought books the prices matched the quality. But sometimes it doesn’t. So get ready to haggle to a price to what you want.

β€’ ALWAYS have the upper hand over the seller and if they aren’t happy…

Tell them to take it or leave it for that price. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll change their minds!

But sometimes with new units, you can’t get 2nd handbooks, so it’s back to DUSA Bookshop (Building F for all faculties) & Building H for Business & Law. On the bright side, you can always sell your books after and get 100% profit! (*Of course the library option is there but you can only renew 7 days loans if no one else wants them. So not so great.)

Happy readings! =)


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