Assignment layout guide

Now you’ve done the hard work of researching and writing up your assignment, it’s ready to submit! Good on you for working hard to get it done!! But before you submit make sure to follow the standard guidelines to make sure to not lose any marks πŸ˜‰ Here’s my assignment checklist to the rescue!

Assignment cover page
This is the front page that MUST be included with every assignment. It must have the below:

1. The unit code and title
2. The assignment name
3. Your full Student name
4. Your student ID number
5. Total word count ( remember it’s +/-10% leeway of the required word count) It excludes headings, in-text referencing and the reference list.
6. Referencing style
7. Date submitted ( this is optional, I haven’t included it before so it’s up to you)

Below is an e.g of what an exam cover page is meant to look like.

Cover page sample


The layout
1. Use a professional looking font like Arial or Times New Roman if the assignment doesn’t specify.

2. Size wise 11-12 is preferred. Keep in mind to avoid using smaller fonts to make your markers lives easier and you’ll be less likely to lose unnecessary marks.

3. Use 1.5 line spacing! As it makes your assignments way more easier to read on the screen for you and the marker.

4. Use page numbers when asked, usually the top right hand corner is preferred.

Turnitin your assignment BEFORE submission
Put simply Turnitin is a plagiarism detector for your assignment and shows you the percentage of how similar your work is to other sources. BEWARE to not submit your assignment here and assume that it will be also submitted in the actual assignment folder. It’s just a checking tool! The lower the score the more original the work is. See Turnitin deconstructed , as it can be confusing to understand.

Check that all your references are cited in text are in the reference list. The Ctrl + F in word is useful for this. Check that you’ve referenced properly from Referencing 101.

Now that you’ve checked that your assignment has a low Turnitin score, all the references are in and all the guidelines are ticked, you’re ready to submit! =)

Congrats for finishing an assignment (for some it will be the 1st others the 7th)!! Time for Happy days now! πŸ˜‰


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