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Top Tips to getting started @ uni!

on June 22, 2014

Congrats to you for ending up at Deakin uni! The next few years will be challenging but the best time of your lives πŸ˜‰ Now that you’ve passed the days of VCE, VCAA and ATARS, where’s the best place to start to make uni as smooth as possible?

Here are my top tips for getting yourself organised for uni =)

1. Get your Deakin student ID card sorted on your course enrolment day
Skip the O week queues and head to Deakin Central @ Building HE level 2 (Burwood campus). And get your photo snapped for free. Yep, your ID card is FREE!! But beware, don’t lose it because it’s $20 to replace it!

This is your essential Deakin passport to pay for printing, photocopying, food and borrowing library books.

2. Check CloudDeakin during O week
This is when all the unit chairs will be uploading all your unit guides and assignments so you can start planning early. Surprise assignments and tests? History.

3. Grab a trimester planner from the Learning Space (Building H under Einsteins)
Once you’ve downloaded all your unit guides detailing what and when stuff is due, you’ll be overwhelmed with all those due dates. I find the trimester planner handy as it lists all the weeks so you know when stuff is actually due. Pop all the due dates on the planner and hang it somewhere you can see. Or if you prefer apps check out The essential uni apps.

4. Pop by the learning space and grab a red referencing book
This little red book is the golden grail for how to reference using different styles. You’ll be constantly referring to it for the rest of uni, trust me. Those days of bibliographies are well and truly over. It can get super confusing so check out Referencing 101.

5. Use the uni computers during O week
Some lectures are super organised and will upload the 1st week lecture notes on CloudDeakin. So if your planning to print at Deakin or if your printer is out of action, O week is the best time to use the printers/ computers. Because come week 1, the library and every other computer lab will be packed with printing queues going on and on…

6. Get your head around Deakin’s trimester system
What makes Deakin different is that we use trimesters not semesters, so what’s the diff? Trimesters basically mean there are 3 teaching periods.

T1 ( March- June) & T2 (July-October) are the compulsory trimesters of studying.

While T3 (November- February) is summer uni and is OPTIONAL for students to catch up or fast track their degree.

So if you’re not planning to study during summer, make sure NOT to enrol in T3 subjects. Plus 4 months of holidays sound pretty good πŸ˜‰

7. Attend O week and have fun!
Join at least one day of O week. With daily free food, freebies, society sign ups, great weather it’s the perfect chance for you to make friends!

8. Sign up for a mentor
Feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of starting uni especially when it seems you don’t know a single person? Sign up for a mentor and you’ll be part of an undergrad student group to meet and mingle every week. You’ll be guided by a student who’s been exactly where you’ve been and can answer all your questions. And you never know, you might even make lifelong friendships from the group =) Links to register are below!

Health mentees

Business & Law mentees

Arts & Education mentees

Science, Engineering & Built enviro mentees

9. Step outside of your comfort zone
The thing I love most about uni is that there’s no cliques or groups and how no one really cares if anyone is different. It’s all about free expression!
So whether it’s joining a society even when you don’t know a single person or simply saying hi to the person next to you in your tute, GO FOR IT!!

10. Sign up for unibookworm updates
Well, it’s not truly essential ( yep, a little bias here since I’m the writer of this blog), I’ll be sharing more useful tips and insights of how to ace uni. So I really hope you’ll come back and spread the word to your friends! =)


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