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The Top places to know

on June 21, 2014

So now you’ve checked off the Top Tips to getting started @ uni and your classes and textbooks are all sorted- what are the top places to know? With so many places around campus, it definitely does make it overwhelming! Like where to grab a computer during peak times or cheap & delish brunch/brekky?Β 

Lucky for you, I’ve discovered the Top places to know and here’s the list!

1. Building H/ Learning Space
This is one of my favourite hangouts because it has everything a student needs!
a) Computers
b) A queue free printer ( the most I ever lined up was 3 people! No kidding!)
c) Plenty of seats and table for socialising and a QUIET section
d) A delicious cafe Food for thought with daily salad rotations and delish wraps =p
e) Study skills & SHS!
f) Group study rooms ( see reception to book πŸ˜‰
All under one roof!! =)

2. DUSA Bookshop
DUSA bookshop doesn’t just sell books and subject equipment, they are so much more than that! They have a wide variety of snacks from America like Reese’s pieces ( peanut butter filled m &m’s =p), drinks, cards for special occasions, cute stuffed toys & stationary!

Not only that you can top up your myki & buy CHEAP & DISCOUNTED movie tix!! =) Plus with rainy days on the way, their pretty umbrella collection doesn’t seem like a bad idea…

3. Building B
The golden grail of computers. In fact there are windows computers on every single floor. There’s just no way you won’t find a computer in this building! (As long there’s not a class running in every room πŸ˜‰

4. Library Level 3 quiet area
Ever wanted to study in silence but even when you went to the quiet area it was still too noisy?

Enter the level 3 quiet area enclosed in a room! It’s a room of pure SILENCE.
I’m not kidding, it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop!
So whether you’re trying to study for your mid years or writing up your final assignment paper, this place is PERFECT. Oh, and the fact that there’s
powerpoints on every table? BONUS.

5. Deakin Central
Need to top your student ID and only have coins? No problem, head to Deakin central and you can top up your card with no hassle! They have a wide range of course study booklets there too if you’re thinking of transferring courses.

6. Caffeine
Have a class on the Elgar rd side but need to desperately print/ submit an assignment 15 minutes before class?

No worries, head to caffeine and inside they have heaps of computers inside the booth. After you’re done, head along the left staircase next to Rusden theatre for a shortcut to Elgar. There’s a printer in LB level 2 that’s always deserted. Crisis averted.

7. The Diner
Best place for breakfast/ brunch! =p next to MA Building
Newly opened in Feb, they offer a multitude of breakfast options all cooked to order. =)
My definite fave is the $9.50 combo of eggs your way with a free hot drink! Add $1.50 for any other additional topping you want. Plus the environment is soo relaxing, you need to at least eat there ONCE to take in your surroundings at Deakin!

Delish hot chocolate =p

Delish hot chocolate =p Such a pretty leaf!! That’s so SKILLED! Wish I was that talented…

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms

Yummy scrambled eggs with mushrooms =) not sure the black plate was such a good idea though..



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