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on June 21, 2014



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Hi guys!

Welcome to UniBookworm’s official blog! =)

Ever feel overwhelmed with where to start with uni? With bajillion new things to get your head around, it’s pretty understandable! From trying to understand your uni course structure and what electives to pick to how to reference ( all those years of bibliography out the window now!), there’s a multitude of things to get used to.

But don’t worry! You’ve just stumbled across the golden grail of how to ace uni ( well I think so anyway πŸ˜‰ I’ve written this blog that has everything you need to know from referencing, database researching to the must need apps for uni to my personal reviews of electives/units that I’ve taken!

So here’s a bit about me…

At the moment, I’m studying at Deakin uni =) and have recently transferred courses. Originally I chose Deakin because it was the top health uni and I had my heart set on pursuing a career in nutrition and health promotion. But come 2013, found that I knew majority of the core unit knowledge and felt that I wasn’t challenged enough until I took MMM132 Management as a HR major… And it was so amazing that it inspired me to change courses that went beyond academics! Come 2014, I’m doing a Bachelor of Management in Project Management & HR and feel right at home =) But health is not completely off the cards! Will be coming back for postgrad.

So whether you’re 1st year or 3rd year uni student, I hope this blog helps you! Please note that this blog is in no way affiliated or endorsed officially by Deakin University. Everything written is my personal opinion and experience especially my subject reviews tips so make sure to check your current unit guide that the assignment that I’m talking about is the same as yours.

Happy readings! And feel free to leave comments and questions or requests if you would like me to write on something specifically! =)

Or email me @ unibookworm@gmail.com! And I’ll do my best to help!


6 responses to “About

  1. Silke says:

    Love the uplifting energy of your blog, Shirley, and all the links to useful information. Your experience of changing to a course you feel passionate about is very inspiring. Thanks. πŸ™‚


    • smileyfoodies says:

      Aw thanks Silke! =) thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such positive comments. πŸ˜‰ Hope you’ve been well and studies are going to plan!


  2. Nicole says:

    Shirley it amazes me that you have the time to put all of this together, great job! I feel that your blog would be very helpful for students who need a little bit of a helping hand. hope all goes well with your new career path!


    • smileyfoodies says:

      Aw thanks Nicole! =) thanks for your positive comments and for dropping by. Hope everything is going well at your end too!


  3. B says:

    Hey Shirley! Great start to your blog 😊Funny that you’re getting involved in the blogging world because I too was thinking of doing the same thing with Tim to blog about our Melbourne life.

    Interesting to get to read about how you feel about uni and the whole changing course thing cause it’s nice to see what you think/feel as things always come out a little differently when speaking in person. Very happy you’re now happily settled in Project Management and HR!

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures, thoughts and life in general!

    XX B


  4. smileyfoodies says:

    Hey Bianca!
    Haha, great minds think alike!
    Thanks for checking out my blog =) and for your best wishes! I don’t think we ever ready each other’s written stuff before so it should be very interesting πŸ˜‰ looking forward to be checking out your blog too when it’s up and running! Thanks for your support. =)’s Shirley


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